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GET /p/:package e.g. GET /p/gulp retrieves gulp's github url.

GET /go/:package e.g. GET /go/enb redirects to enb's github repo page.

For what

Alfred: fast opener github repo for npm package

Use it with your Alfred app for fast opening npm-packages' git repos.

Alfred.app npm-go β€” setup Alfred.app npm-go β€” use

πŸ’‘Tip Grab an icon for the Alfred by url: npmapi.invntrm.ru/favicon.png

Chrome: custom search github repo for npm package

Use it in Chrome, Opera, Yandex.browser and another Chromium based bro as custom search.

Chrome.app npm-go β€” setup

Type into Chrome omnibox (address bar): ng, then press space or tab, then input package name and press enter.

Chrome.app npm-go β€” use

πŸ’‘Tip Use as search url: http://npmapi.invntrm.ru/%s